Rajan Sareen (Commercial and Residential Real Estate Broker)

“Energetic. Smart. Compassionate. Professional. Diligent. Incredibly knowledgeable. All about the customer!”

Rajan Sareen is a highly organized Real Estate Broker who is an experienced Sales consultant.
He is an Expert in Marketing and has impeccable Customer Service and Negotiation skills. He
has a wide range of experiences in IT, has a MCSE certification, and is a certified network
administrator with 15 years of work experience from Bell Canada. Other work experience
includes working as a sales representative for Audi Canada and Volkswagen. Rajan can be
described as an outgoing individual with strong communication skills. He is proficient in four
languages: French, English, Hindi and Punjabi and is ready to assist you in anyway that he can!


My friends and family describe me as a hardworking and honest individual with a strong work
ethic. My strongest quality is that I am always ready to help others. I love learning about new
things and take on new challenges to broaden my horizons. My mission is to establish a good
rapport with my clients, who will enjoy working with me and will take pride in our work and
accomplishments as a team. My previous experiences have taught me to analyse difficult
situations in order to find an appropriate solution. I am a good listener and take the necessary
time to understand the needs of the client while being patient and providing the client with the
best solutions. My vast experiences will help me serve diverse clients with their needs.

I will teach and guide my clients the tricks of the trade in order to increase their monetary gains
while educating them about the correct way to invest.  I will teach my clients about the
opportunities that the real estate market has to offer while educating them about the right time to
buy or sell.  I will be present from the beginning of the process all the way until the very end and
will happily help my clients open the door to their new home.  Buying a home can be stressful
and I know this from experience, however, I want my clients to know that they can depend on
me to understand and meet their needs. Let me take the load off your shoulders and pave the way
to your new home!

The clients’ needs and concerns are my number one priority. My goal is to be available to my
customers and to work with their best interest in mind – all the time.

YOLO – You Only List Once

When you list with me